Police are distributing images of a chain lever from Utrecht


The chain robber now struck fourteen times. The police assume that it is always the same perpetrator. The images from surveillance cameras show that it is a young man, who usually rides a scooter. The police showed images made in De Bilt and Bunschoten, on which he can be seen quite clearly.


The thief has been active since June 23 and struck successively in Leusden, Bunschoten, Driebergen, Hoevelaken, Huizen, Zeist, Eemnes, Baarn, Soest, Bussum, Hilversum, De Bilt, Vleuten and Breukelen. The last time this happened on July 5.

Many victims complained of a sore neck or neck and bruises after the incident. One woman fell to the floor.

The images are scattered in it TV program Bureau Hengeveld, a co-production of the police, the Public Prosecution Service and RTV Utrecht.

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