Polda Metro Prepares Security for Mass Demonstration Defending UAS at the Singapore Embassy


Massa Defense of the Sarekat Islam Ideology (Shield) will be holding a demo today at Embassy of Singapore for Indonesia regarding Singapore’s rejection of Ustaz Abdul Somad (UAS). Polda Metro Jaya will secure the demonstration.

“A notification letter has been given to the Ditintelkam of the Polda Metro. If the mass was notified, there were 50 people,” said Head of Public Relations of the Polda Metro Jaya Kombes E Zulpan when contacted, Friday (20/5/2022).

Zulpan said the demo would take place at noon. So far, he said that no special security will be carried out by security officers.

According to Zulpan, apart from police officers, internal security officers at the Singapore Embassy will also be involved in securing the demonstration.

He added that people do not need to worry about carrying out activities around the location. Zulpan ensured that no road closure policy would be implemented regarding the demonstration so far.

“Yes usual aja don’t overdo it. We can also see from the submissions that those who will express their opinions also convey an estimated mass of 50. We also see from the notification that we adjust (security officers),” explained Zulpan.

For information, the Sarekat Islam Ideological Defense mass (Shield) will hold a demonstration at the Singapore Embassy to Indonesia on Jl Rasuna Said, Kuningan, South Jakarta, this afternoon. The mass demonstration was related to Ustaz Abdul Somad (UAS) who was refused entry to Singapore.

“It is true that there will be an action today after Friday prayers at the Singapore Embassy,” said PP Perisai Action Coordinator, Muhammad Senatha, in a statement to reporters, Friday (20/5/2022).

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The demonstration at the Singapore Embassy is planned to take place at 13.00 WIB after Friday prayers. Meanwhile, the mass of Shield demonstrations at the Singapore Embassy brought 3 demands.

Also watch the video ‘Here are 3 Reasons Singapore Rejects UAS’:

[Gambas:Video 20detik]

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