Polar Bear Unique Hunting Technique: Rocking Sea Lions

Charles Francis Hall/Library of Congress

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Nationalgeographic.co.id—Have you ever seen an animal that uses tools for hunting? This phenomenon is rarely seen in the wild. Most animals use their instincts and bodies to find or chase their food in the jungle there.

One of the most fantastical folklore of this phenomenon comes from the Inuit in North America. that said, polar bears (Ursus maritimus) there often use chunks of rock or ice for hunting sea ​​lion (Odobenus rosmarus).

The first report of this folklore was recorded by Otto Fabricius, the Danish missionary and explorer, in 1780. According to him, this rumor was widely heard among European explorers who traveled with their Inuit guides. However, the lack of valid evidence has led some scientists to dismiss it as a mere local myth.


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