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Harada-san spoke about the future of Pokkén Tournament

Pokkén Tournament DX, he videogame that mixes the endearing characters of Pokémon and the gameplay of the famous fighting game, Tekken, seemed to give both franchises a refreshing twist with that spin-off so particular, thanks to its success is that producers are open to the possibility of creating a sequel.

It was through social media that Katsuhiro Harada,Producer in Chief of Tekken, answered a tweet of a fan where he asked if he would be interested in “revisiting” the region of Ferrum. Same that was introduced in the aforementioned game, in order to be the place that serves as arena for Pokémon battles.

Harada expressed his joy regarding the great acceptance that the audience has had with Pokkén TournamentHowever, he clarified that the decision was not solely up to the developer Bandai Namco, if not the giant Nintendo and of The Pokémon Company.

Katsuhiro Harada

Pokkén Tournament has a somewhat “peculiar” history and it is that we remember that it has been launched for 3 platforms already in the latter 6 years. The game debuted in Japan as a arcade in 2015, for later in 2016 be released in the Wii U. With just one year apart, it also reaches the Nintendo Switch under the name of Pokkén Tournament DX.

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The game received additional characters via DLC (DownLoadable Content – Downloadable Content) but the last upgrade has already more than two years.

Nintendo, meanwhile, offered a free trial of the game to subscribers of Nintendo Switch Online, so it is clear that the company –has not completely forgotten- of the existence of Smallpox Tournament DX.

Smallpox Tournament choose

Let us remember that the aftermath of spin-offs of Pokémon always seem to have an interesting and even –strange– development, because there is everything: from what it took to 20 years to premiere its second part (Pokémon Snap) even those who definitely did not see the light (such as the acclaimed Pokémon Conquest).

We can’t really officially deduce that Pokkén Tournament will have a new project at the door, but without a doubt we are sure that the interest that Harada seems to keep in the game may point towards a possibility.

Smallpox Tournamente portada

Without a doubt, this represents a pinch of hope for all the fans who were delighted with this incredible spin-off.

Would you like a new installment of Pokkén Tournament? Leave us your comments.

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