Pokemon TCG / Game World Championship “2021 Pokémon World Championships” Canceled-Second consecutive year since 2020 | Game * Spark

The Pokémon Company International, which is responsible for the overseas business of Pokemon Co., Ltd., will cancel the offline competition event “2021 Pokémon World Championships”PresentationDid.

“Pokémon World Championships” is an offline event that decides the world champions of Pokemon card games and Pokemon games (“Pokemon Sword Shield” and “Pokén POKKÉN TOURNAMENT DX”).With the epidemic of the new coronavirus2020 Games canceledIt has been less than a year since the event was held, and the 2021 tournament was also canceled, so it was not held for the second consecutive year.

For the reason for canceling the 2021 competition, see “Results of scrutinizing and complying with the guidance issued by each health organization such as WHO, British PHE, and US CDC“.

The 2022 tournament is scheduled to be held in London, England, and players invited to the 2020 tournament can participate in the 2022 tournament as they are.


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