Pokémon Snap is now available on Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack

As Nintendo announced a week ago, Pokmon Snap ya is available in Spain and the rest of the world through Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, the subscription service for Switch. In addition to shooter on rails developed by HAL Laboratory, the Japanese company has also updated the application that contains the Nintendo 64 games with small changes that do not seem to affect the gaming experience.

Pokmon Snappublished in Europe in the summer 2000 and in Japan in the spring of the previous year, it is an original approach to rail shooters (with auto-advance) and the concept of catching Pokémon. Players visit as Todd Snap six ecosystems (Beach, Tunnel, Volcano, River, Cave and Valley) with the aim of doing pokemon pictures who roam the stage.

The key is in repeat the levels over and over again to learn the Pokémon’s location, movement patterns, and behavior so that the photograph captures the creature not just with the largest size and best possible framing, but also with unique behavior. Players have multiple objects with which they can interact with the Pokémon and the stagesuch as the Pokflute, the Pester Ball and the apples, which in some cases can cause evolutions and progress through alternative paths.

The Nintendo 64 application is updated to version 2.4.0

The application that serves hub for all Nintendo 64 video games included in Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack has been updated to version 2.4.0. Although Nintendo has not detailed what is new in this version, the dataminer @OatmealDome (va Nintendo Life) has taken care of it, although the changes are not entirely clear either.

The main one, obviously, is the addition of Pokmon Snapthat by having four ROMs in Europe (one for each language) shows four boxes in the application menu. Also added to the program is the text: “The microphone cannot be used when using the controller in this way”.

However, it is unknown at what times that message may appear. Also added “CPU hack“, whose objective is also unclear, to Lylat Wars y Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. Finally, the AOT executable and the PCB file have been changed from both F-Zero X like mario-golf.

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