Pokemon Purple Threat, here is the game starring Dario Moccia, how to download it

CP2 announces the launch of Pokemon Threatens Purple, fan made video game developed by Emdy and focused on Dario Moccia, the famous Italian YouTuber and streamer. Here’s how to download it for free on PC and start playing!

“A new marathon on Twitch. Everything goes on as usual but Dario doesn’t know that someone in the shadows is ready to ruin his every program. CP2 goes into action kidnapping Agnese and stealing most of Dario’s collectibles! Our hero finds himself on an island under the control of the new Evil Team, finding other of his fellow Lore with surprise.

The first thing to do to start playing is to download Pokemon Purple Threat, done this unpack the archive and start the .exe file “Game“that you will find in the main folder, recognizable by the orange icon. Caution: we strongly recommend installing the fonts before starting the executable, to do so just click with the right button on them and then select the install option, in this way you will avoid possible graphic glitches related to the texts.

Get ready to experience one new Pokemon adventure as Dario Moccia challenging the CP2 and blowing up their conquest plan and revealing the secrets of the island thanks to the support of many characters from the Lore of the Dario channel!

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