“Pokémon Pearl/Diamond” remake is expected?! Villagers cry for “I just hope that we don’t cut monsters anymore”-Life-HiNet生活志

Text/Zhai Jing

Seventh and eighth graders’ country and high school memories “Pokémon Pearl/Diamond” is expected to be remade? Some villagers posted information on PTT PO, pointing out that the Spanish Pokémon intelligence network Centro Pokemon revealed that the “diamondpearl.pokemon.com” domain name has been activated and that “Pokemon Pearl/Diamond” may announce a remake in February 2021. The news has made many Pokémon fans happy and worried. The joy is that the classic childhood memories finally have the opportunity to remake and board the new console. The worry is whether it will slash the old Poké like “Pokémon Sword/Shield”. The number of dreams; fans also called out “I just hope that you don’t cut monsters anymore!”

“Pokémon Pearl/Diamond” is the fourth generation of the “Pokemon” series. It was first released in September 2006 and it has been almost 15 years since. This work is the first work in the Pokémon series to use a 3D map, and the physical attack/special attack determination method is determined by the characteristics of the move itself, and no longer tied to the move attribute. The legendary Pokémon that appeared in “Pokémon Pearl/Diamond” such as “Giratina”, “Diyaluka”, and the magical Pokémon “Darkley” are quite powerful and handsome, and they have no Few fans; plus the last Pokémon remake is already the 2018 “Let’s Go!” “Pikachu/Ibrahimovic”, the fan’s idea of ​​looking through the autumn water is not difficult to understand.

However, the “Pokémon Sword/Shield” released in 2019 cannot include all Pokémon due to module production and file capacity issues. The producer even said that the follow-up works of Pokémon will continue “only the selected treasures will appear. The goal of “Kimme” has greatly reduced the confidence of fans. It’s no wonder that as soon as the news of the remake comes out, the PTT villagers will shout “Please don’t let’s go”, “Give GF so much time, it should be available to all PM”, “Don’t look forward to it, it won’t be until then. Will be too disappointed.”

This year is the 25th anniversary of Pokémon, and after all, it is a good time to remake pearls/diamonds! I hope that the time can be arranged at the end of the year, so that Zhai Jing has time to break the MHR!


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