“Pokémon GO Plus+: The Ultimate Accessory for Pokémon Trainers”

Although the craze for the elf-catching game “Pokémon GO” has subsided, I believe that everyone still sees Friends playing on the street from time to time, and the official has not forgotten all the players. Recently announced the launch of Pokémon GO Plus+ accessories, and will definitely Listed in Hong Kong.

Pokémon GO Plus+ will debut in July, you can catch Pokemon without holding your phone

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“Pokémon GO Plus +” is a brand new
device. When using “Pokémon GO Plus +” to link “Pokémon GO”, players will not need to keep looking at the screen of their smartphones, but they can also comfortably catch Pokémon. Through “Pokémon GO Plus +”, in addition to functions such as automatic rotation of the Poké supply station carousel, the function of throwing super balls and advanced balls has also been added. In addition, the device will automatically throw the poke ball, so it can directly catch Pokémon in the backpack.

In conjunction with the upcoming “Pokémon Sleep”, when using “Pokémon GO Plus +”, you can simply press a button to collect sleep data. The collected sleep data can be linked with “Pokémon GO” and “Pokémon Sleep” and applied to the game. There will also be a Bikachao in the device. In addition to notifying the player of the time to get up in the morning and to go to bed at night with its cute voice, it will also hum a lullaby for the user. What’s more interesting is that when you sleep together for a longer period of time and become intimate, you will be able to get new alarm tones.

Price: $430
Inquiry: GSE

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