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Pokémon GO: how to defeat giovanni, arlo, sierra and cliff in team go rocket event to capture suicune, lapras, pineco and grimer as dark pokemon | PHOTOS | VIDEO | Video game


Pokémon GO just released a new event with the Team GO Rocket of protagonist, including the high members: Arlo, Cliff, Sierra and Giovanni. These can challenge you in your own home and, for you to be prepared, here we bring you the list of best creatures to face their dark pokémon like Suicune.

According to the official website of Pokémon GO, the invasion of Team GO Rocket It will be from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm (local time) today, Sunday, July 12. Which means a perfect opportunity to get powerful dark pokémon. In addition, Jessie and James, the remembered characters of the anime, will also appear.

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During the three hours of the event, in the skies of the augmented reality game will be seen hot air balloons manned by the recruits, who will seize the poképaradas of the video game so that you can not receive supplies that are important for the capture of pokémon.

Also, it is presumed that Arlo, Cliff, Sierra and Giovanni They will also make an appearance during the invasion of the Team GO Rocket in Pokémon GO and to help you beat them and thus have the opportunity to register Halters, Lapras and Pineco how dark pokémonWith a shiny option, we show you the best options to build your team and beat them.

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How to defeat Giovanni?

Giovanniwho is the leader of the Team GO Rocket, go back to Pokémon GO with Suicune dark, one of Johto’s mighty legendary dogs, whom you can get if you beat him. He carries Persian, Dugtrio, Garchomp, Nidoking, and Suicune. These are your best counters.

Lucario with Counterattack and Increased Fist / Aural Sphere

Machamp with Counterattack and Dynamic Fist / Cross Cut

Swampert with Mud Shot and Hydrocannon / Earthquake

Kyogre with Waterfall and Surf

Raikou with Voltiochange and Voltio Cruel

Melmetal with Thunderbolt and Lightning / Brute Force

How to defeat Sierra?

Sierra is the only leader of Team GO Rocket, which has powerful creatures such as: Lapras, Exeggutor, Sharpedo, Houndoom, Alakazam and Shitry, which are dark pokémon and to defeat it we present you the best options.

Ludicolo with Sharp Blade and Energibola

Conkeldurr with Counterattack and Dynamic Fist

Swampert with Mud Shot and Hydrocannon

Haxorus with Counterattack and Shadow Pit

Melmetal with Thunderbolt and Avalanche / Brute Force

Charizard with Fire Turn and Fiery Ring / Dragon Claw

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How to defeat Arlo?

Arlo is another of the leaders of the Team GO Rocket that will appear during the event Pokémon GO. This character has Pineco, Blastoise, Charizard, Steelix, Scizor, Salamence and Dragonite as creatures to use. Beating it will not be easy, but it is not impossible either and these pokémon will help you to do it.

Moltres with Wing Attack, Air Attack / Suffocation

Reshiram with Igneous Fang and Hot Flashing

Swampert with Mud Shot and Hydrocannon

Roserade with Sharp Blade and Grass Bow

Entei with Igneous Fang and Flamethrower

Mamoswine with Snow Powder and Avalanche / Past Power

How to defeat Cliff?

Last but not least, we find Cliff, who uses creatures that can complicate you a lot. This leader of the Team GO Rocket use Grimer, Electivire, Machamp, Omastar, Tyranitar, Swampert and Torterra. Learn how to beat him with these options.

Mewtwo with Confusion and Mental Wave / Shadow Ball

Rhyperior with Mud Slap and Rockbreaker

Venusaur with Strain Whip and Ferocious Plant / Mud Pump

Charming Togekiss and Aerial Strike / Power Past Power

Lucario with Counterattack and Increased Fist / Aural Sphere

Glaceon with Icy Mist, Avalanche and Ice Ray

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Pokémon GO – Know the GO Fest Combat Challenge Task and Reward List

GO Fest Weekly Challenge: Combat (Part 1-3)

-Give more power to a Pokémon: x100 in Stardust

-Evolve a Pokémon: x1 Rare Candy

-Defeat a recruit from Team GO Rocket: x2 Hyper Potions

-Reward: x100 XP, x5 Revive and x5 Hyper Potions

GO Fest Weekly Challenge: Combat (Part 2-3)

-Give a Pokémon more power twice: x200 Stardust

-Purify 2 dark Pokémon: x2 Max Revive

-Defeat 2 Team GO Rocket recruits: x2 Maximum Potion

-Rewards: x3 Maximum Potion, showdown with Hitmonlee, x3 Revive

GO Fest Weekly Challenge: Combat (Part 3-3)

-Give a Pokémon more power 3 times: x500 Stardust

-Purify 3 Dark Pokémon: x3 Max Revive

-Defeat 3 Team GO Rocket recruits: x3 Maximum Potion

-Reward: x1 Rare Candy, showdown with Absol, Super Radar Rocket.

Elite Challenge: Combat (additional and independent)

-Defeat 15 Team GO Rocket recruits: x5 Super Potion

-Defeat 5 Team GO Rocket leaders: x5 Hyper Potion

-Defeat the boss of Team GO Rocket: x5 Maximum Potion

-Reward: x500 PX, x500 Stardust, x5 Frambu Berry

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