Pokémon GO: how to beat Yveltal in raids? The best counters (2022)

5-star raid Pokémon GONiantic mobile game, you get starting today Thursday 27 September 2022 as part of the Fashion Week event, the return of the legendary sixth generation legendary Pokémon Yveltal.

If you want to get Yveltal for your collection you will have to be quick, as it will only be available for a limited time. To help you with the task, in this news we have prepared all the details on Yveltal and we’ll tell you which Pokémon are best for beat it easily in combat.

Yveltal in Pokémon GO: Date raids (2022)

Yveltal’s appearance is, as usual, Limited time. So then, this Pokémon will only be available for a few days to be caught. This is the appointment where Pokémon will be active in 5-star raids:

  • Available from: Tuesday 27 September 2022, at 10am local time.
  • Available until: Saturday 8 October 2022, at 10am local time.

Features of Yveltal

Yveltal is a Legendary Pokemon Dark and flying type very powerful. Its main The weak points are of the type Rock, Electric, Ice and Fairy. and is resistant to Ghost, Grass, Dark, Ground and Psychic.

Also keep in mind that among the characteristics of Yveltal’s attributes we know that she possesses 250 attack, 185 defense and 246 HP. At level 40 with perfect IVs it reaches a range of 3,781 CP and has quick attacks such as Cheap Shot, Scream and Tornado e charged moves such as Hyper Beam, Umbro Pulse, Psychic, Gale and Truewave. Currently you can get it in its glossy version if you are lucky.

The best Yveltal counters

To prepare for the Yveltal raids, here it is we recommend some of the best power meters to fight against this Legendary Pokémon. Keep the following Pokémon and movements in mind to do a lot of damage in combat. Remember to raid with at least 6 players or more have a solid chance of success.

  • Darmanitan of Galar: Ice fang and avalanche.
  • Dark Raikou: Thundershock and Cruel Volt.
  • Megamanector: Lightning Fang and Cruel Volt.
  • Xurki tree: Thunder Shock and Spark.
  • Dark Zapdos: Lightning and lightning.
  • Mega Aerodactyl: Rock Launcher and Avalanche.
  • Zekrom: Lightning charge and cruel Volt.
  • Dark electricity: Thundershock and Cruel Volt.
  • dark magneton: Spark and Cruel Volt.
  • Thunder (Ttem): Volt Switch and Lightning.

Pokémon GOit’s available free for Android and iOS from 2016. If you want to know more details of the title, you can consult our complete guide with tips and tricks.

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