Pokémon GO announces Galar Zigzagoon Community Day in August 2022

Recently Niantic, the parents of the popular mobile game Pokmon GOhave made official the presentation of the next scheduled event of the Community Day for the next month of august 2022 in Spain and all over the world. We already know that the Pokémon that will star in said event will be Zigzagoon of Galar, the Mapachito Pokmon, a Dark and Normal type creature from the eighth generation of the franchise. Below we reveal all the details and features that we can enjoy in this event.

Galar Zigzagoon Community Day date and time (August 2022)

The scheduled date and times for the next Pokémon GO Community Day in August 2022 with Zigzagoon de Galar are as follows:

  • Saturday, August 13, 2022: from 11:00 to 14:00 local time.

Characteristics of the Galarian Zigzagoon Community Day in Pokémon GO

As regular players will know, the Community Day event is planned in such a way that for a few hours there is a Featured Pokémon that appears most frequently so we can capture it, evolve it, make it learn a new exclusive move, and much more. These are the special features that will be activated during the hours that the Galar Zigzagoon event lasts:

  • Galarian Zigzagoon will spawn in the wild more often: With a bit of luck, you could find a Shiny Galarian Zigzagoon.
  • Evolve a Galarian Linoone: evolve Galarian Zigzagoon during the event or up to five hours after it ends to get an Obstagoon that knows the Obstruction charged attack.
  • Four Star Raids: Galarian Linoone will appear in four-star raids. These raids can only be accessed with Raid Passes and Premium Battle Passes. Remote raid passes cannot be used.
  • Special event stickers: that can be obtained by spinning Pokparadas, opening gifts and buying them in the in-game store.
  • For 1 USD (or the equivalent in your local currency): you will be able to access the Zigzagoon de Galar Community Day with its exclusive special investigation story Zigzagoon de Galar Field Notes.

Note about the entries for the special research story that these cannot be refunded. In addition this research not include any logo in the game. Tickets will go on sale shortly before the respective Community Day event.

Temporal investigation of Zigzagoon of Galar

Along with this Galar Zigzagoon Community Day, activate a temporary investigation for all players to be available from 11:00 to 19:00 in which it will be necessary to capture a total of 100 Zigzagoon de Galar to complete it. While progressing in such research, players will be able to unlock the following rewards for your avatar:

  • Obstagoon Hat
  • Obstagoon’s Glasses
  • Obstagoon’s Gloves
  • Obstagoon Pose
Rewards for the avatar with research

These objects also will be put up for sale in the in-game store after the event ends.

Event bonus

Likewise, as long as we have the Galar Zigzagoon Community Day event active, we can enjoy the following bonuses:

  • Triple Stardust: per catch.
  • Double chance of receiving Candy ++: for Trainers level 31 or higher when catching Pokémon.
  • Double Candy: for capturing Pokemon.
  • The Bait Modules: activated during the event will last three hours.
  • The Incense: activated during the event last three hours.
  • Sacad instantneas: during Community Day if you want a surprise.
  • An additional special trade can be made: during the event and up to five hours after it ends up to a maximum of three in the day. Trades made during the event and up to five hours after it ends will require 50% less Stardust.
  • Bonuses for groups: From 11:00 to 14:00, if enough Pokémon are caught with the help of a single Lure Module, a wild Galarian Linoone will spawn near the Pokstop with Lure.
  • Bonus for completing four star raids: After defeating Linoone de Galar in a four-star raid, Zigzagoon de Galar will appear within a 300 meter radius around the Gym where the raid was held for 30 minutes.

Raid bonuses after Community Day

After the Zigzagoon de Galar three-hour August Community Day event ends, we’ll be able to face off against the challenging four star raids during these hours:

  • saturday August 13 of 2022, of 14:00 a 19:00local time.

If you manage to rise to victory in these battles, more Zigzagoon de Galar will appear around the Gym where they were held. for 30 minutes.

Pokmon GOis available free for Android and iOS since 2016. If you want to know more details of the title, you can consult our complete guide with tips and tricks.

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