Pokemon and Ed Sheeran unveil the song and video for “Celestial”.

Ed Sheeran, faithful follower of Pokémon and world star, he collaborated with the group The Pokémon Company to create “Celestial”. The song will appear as expected Pokémon Scarlet / Purplewhich will arrive on November 18 on the consoles of the Nintendo Switch family. While they still have to wait for the video games, fans can listen to the song and watch the video on Ed Sheeran’s official YouTube channel.

The video is inspired by the fascination for which the singer had Pokémon in his childhood and as expected, he stars his favorite Pokémon: Pikachu, Squirtle, Machamp y Snorlax, among others. In it you can see what a normal day in Ed’s life is like with a twist Pokémon special. The video is directed by acclaimed Yuichi Kodama.

The sketch-style art direction was provided by Yu Nagaba and is a nod to the scribbles Ed drew on his Pokémon as a child. The video is full of surprises for fans and will transport the viewer to a childhood where everything was simpler and the sky was the limit.

“I played Pokémon since I was in elementary school “Ed said. “My brother had one version and I had the other and we swapped Pokémon so we could complete our Pokédex. I also liked cards, but with video games I could spend hours and hours. I loved the world in them and they helped me avoid and distracting myself from the negative things that happened to me in school or in life in general It was a world he could escape into.

“I haven’t stopped playing since then. Even though I’m 31 now, I still carry the same Game Boy Color with me to play. Pokémon Yellow y Pokémon Silver on planes and trains when on tour. It is an honor for me to contribute a song to a game of Pokémon and also being able to record such a nostalgic video. I hope they all like them. I had a lot of fun making them! “

Via: The Pokemon Company

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