Pogrom of the President’s Office by supporters of Sternenko

Building Office of the President After the pogrom on Bankova Street, supporters of Sergei Sternenko washed and repaired Ukraine and the surrounding area for less than planned – about 1.5 million instead of 2 million hryvnia.

The cost of the work named State administration of affairs… An expert construction and technical study was carried out by the Spektr enterprise, reports “Radio Liberty“.

The estimated cost of work to eliminate damage to the building on Bankova Street (an architectural monument of local importance), as well as the territory near the state institution, was estimated at UAH 1,571,610.

OP restoration costs:

  • cleaning (washing) of the facade and paving of the area – UAH 297,200;

  • repair of door blocks (9 pieces) – UAH 1,158,600;

  • repair of windows – 85,000 hryvnia;

  • unpredictable and additional work and risk coverage – UAH 30,810.

Note that the press service of the OP previously reportedthat losses as a result of the pogrom amounted to about 2 million hryvnia.

At the same time, it was emphasized that the Main Directorate will choose companies with the lowest cost of services.

It was also stated that cleaning the facade of the President’s Office building from paint will cost 250-300 thousand hryvnia.

As reported OBOZREVATEL:

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