Pogba reveals details of horrible “extortion” night

newspaper revealed toThe French LomondJuventus player Paul Pogba has agreed to pay the money under gunfire to two men who “kidnapped” him last March.

This latest information coincides with the temporary incarceration of Matthias Pogba, the elder brother of the French football star, and four other people, accused of blackmailing the Italian team player, according to a source close to this case. after appearing first. the investigating judge, Saturday.

The newspaper Le Monde refers to what the player told investigators in August, detailing what happened on the night of March 19, while training with the French national team in Clairefontaine.

The newspaper said Pogba had just spent several hours with his childhood friend, Boubacar C., in La Renardiere, the neighborhood where he grew up in Roissy-en-Brét, an eastern suburb of Paris. As he was about to return to his hotel in the French capital, he was guided by other friends from the neighborhood, Adama. S., Roshidan and Macchikor K., two brothers, moved to an apartment in another nearby city.

And “there, the footballer was forced to turn off the phone, which was taken away from him, and then two heavily armed and masked men in bulletproof vests appeared.”

The newspaper claims that “Roshidan ordered Paul Pogba to pay 13 million euros, of which 3 million in cash, in exchange for the protection that the two men would have provided him for years”.

Two months after filing a complaint in Italy on July 16, charges have been filed against five suspects, including his brother Matthias.

Matthias was charged with “extortion in an organized gang” and “participation in a criminal group to prepare for a crime”, while his lawyer filed an appeal against the charge.

Four other suspects, aged between 27 and 36, close to the player, most of whom already known to the police, were accused of “extortion with a weapon within an organized gang” and “arrest, kidnapping, detention or detention within an organized gang, with the aim of preparing to commit a crime or facilitate its commission “, according to Le Monde.

Pogba told investigators he was scared and told the masked men he would pay, before “one of them talked to Roshedan and they left, and then Roshidan said I had to pay them otherwise we would all be in danger.”

According to the player, “Rushidan said what happened was normal for any famous football player, but you have to pay because I sponsored you with the gunmen.”

According to the player, one of the suspects threatened to reveal the contents of a “USB” memory stick showing that the star paid a “witch” to cast a spell on his opponents and his French teammate, Kylian Mbappé.

It appears that the player initially tried to pay the blackmailers, but his bank refused to release the money due to the suspicious nature of the request and the amount.

According to the documents of the investigation viewed by the newspaper Le Monde, it seems that the player was robbed of 200,000 euros in a year and a half by his friend Mamadou, who denies these accusations.

Pogba also made several transfers for tens of thousands of euros to two suspects under investigation.

The player’s lawyer filed a complaint against Matthias Pogba, who later admitted, in custody, to being behind the video posted in late August on social media in which he threatened to reveal information about his brother.

All five indicted suspects say they have been subjected to pressure, threats and reprisals from a “second circle” of blackmailers, according to the newspaper.

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