PODCAST White House. The American electoral system in question

In two centuries ofpresidential elections, the ballot boxes generally consecrated not only the candidate who won the electoral college of large voters, representatives of the states, and universal suffrage. On five occasions, however, the President has won the college but is in the minority in opinion at the federation level. However, two of these five exceptions have occurred in the last twenty years.

In 2000, with the famous interminable dispute that had taken place in Florida and the victory in the end given to George Bush Jr., to the detriment of Al Gore, and in 2016, when Donald Trump had achieved a sort of grand slam in terms of ‘States won, although clearly in the minority at the polls nationwide.

In a recent survey, 61% of Americans say they are in favor of a move to a more direct system, to a popular one-round vote. But the debate is sensitive, because for the states, less populated, in the center of the United States, where the Republican Party is in the majority, there is no question of renouncing this prerogative of the states over the federation.

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We talk about it today in our conversation with Charles-Philippe David, professor at UQAM, the University of Quebec in Montreal and founder of the Observatory on the United States. He accompanies us throughout this electoral campaign. According to him, everything is possible, even a grand slam from Trump, but he immediately adds, however I would be surprised if he had the same chance.

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