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by Isabel Pogner, Johannes Hirschlach

  • The Michelsberg near Kelheim has been a special place since ancient times: the Celts once settled here. Photo: Rainer Schneck
  • Sabine Rieckhoff from Regensburg is an archaeologist and Celts expert. In the podcast she talks about the life of the Celts in the region. Photo: Johannes Hirschlach

What is it about headhunters, druids and a godforsaken Upper Palatinate? Episode 1 of the Central Bavarian Time Travel gets to the bottom of these questions. A century of history in every episode: This is the new MZ podcast.

The Upper Palatinate in the year 1 AD: No trace of the Regensburg Cathedral, no bridges over the Danube, no houses, just eternal wasteland. “Everything was pampa here,” says Sabine Rieckhoff, prehistorian and curator at the Historical Museum in Regensburg for many years. The hills of the Upper Palatinate were a popular residential area in earlier times. What happened? This is exactly the question MZ reporters Isabel Pogner and Johannes Hirschlach ask themselves in episode 1 of the new podcast series “Central Bavarian Time Travel”.

Each episode is dedicated to the events, life, joys and tragedies of a century that took place in the Upper Palatinate and the Kelheim district – from the first century to the present. The five-part season of the new series is now starting every week.

Central Bavarian time travel: That’s what episode 1 is about

In the first episode, the duo goes in search of the lost people: the Celts. A myth-enshrouded people, portrayed by some as cruel barbarians, glorified by others as magicians. Whether it’s the Viereckschanzen in the district of Regensburg or the burial mounds in the district of Neumarkt: culture has left many testimonies in the region.

Celtic expert Rieckhoff explains what it’s all about – and also what’s behind the legend of Celtic warriors as bloodthirsty headhunters. Isabel Pogner also quite literally went in search of Celtic traces high above the roofs of Kelheim. With Bernd Sorcan, head of the Kelheim Archaeological Museum, she explores a very special settlement of the Celts in the podcast.

The Celtic hike to the podcast

If you want to explore the Celtic traces on your own, you can also do so on a hike. We have put together the right route for episode one for all podcast listeners.

The hike begins in Kelheim at the corner of Schleusenstrasse and Mitterfeldstrasse. A reconstructed pincer gate towers imposingly here. It was through an access like this that people got to the Celtic town on the Michelsberg.

After almost 200 meters uphill, a hiking trail leads to the right. Following this, it continues for two kilometers along the edge of the forest and parallel to the Main-Danube Canal in an easterly direction. Passing the small hamlet of Unterau, the path soon bends to the left. After the curve, another path branches off to the left. After a hundred meters on this path, the path winds up to the right until the hikers stand on the Outer Celtic Wall. You can comfortably stroll through the forest on the remains of the mighty bulwark. Two hiking trails cross the wall, after a good two kilometers our route follows hiking trail number three to the east, i.e. to the left of the Celtic Wall.

Without any further obstacles, it now goes on the Michelsberg to the hiking car park not far from the Liberation Hall. Here, those who are curious can also inspect a vividly reproduced piece of the Celtic wall and enjoy the breezy view. The route then leads back to the starting point past the Liberation Hall, down the mountain and along the Main-Danube Canal.

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