Podcast of the Week: Virus Facts

In a year of living in lockdowns, we have been confronted with one after another, often conflicting opinion about the fight against the coronavirus and the meaning of the government rules. In order to distinguish facts from fiction, Tijs van den Brink talks to scientists about COVID-19 in Virus Facts. The regular guests of the presenter are intensivist Diederik Gommers and virologist Marion Koopmans, both from Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Gommers talks about his experience in intensive care in Rotterdam, while Koopmans provides updates on research into vaccines and the prevention of infections. Van den Brink questions them about the latest developments of Pfizer and Moderna, the effectiveness of mouth masks and the treatment in hospitals.

Virus facts focuses on the scientists, who provide clear and understandable answers to Van den Brink’s questions. At a time when various camps are loudly responding to news about COVID, the podcast offers a nuanced look at the latest developments around the corona virus.

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