Ploy Phattharakorn reveals the minute of the fire at a steel plant in Chiang Mai

The shock of the fire Ploy Patrakorn Tell the minute of the fire in Chiang Mai Heavy property damage Family Relief – The 89-year-old grandmother is safe.

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After the fire at the iron factory in Chiang Mai province of the actress. Ploy Phattharakorn Tangsuphakun The actress recently posted the news on Instagram to let friends and fans know that her family members are safe. Live news online Updates to the first factory fire incident. Tell the thrilling minutes Heavy property damage

Asked about the factory fire in Chiang Mai? “The incident happened yesterday (Jan. 23), around 10 o’clock in the morning, the factory fire in Chiang Mai. At Baan Ploy, we are a family of Chinese people living together in many ways. Family stay together Is also an iron factory because Baan Ploy sells iron There is a warehouse Like a fire, it burns in the warehouse zone. I don’t know what the cause is Now we are still waiting for the staff to see what the source of fire came from. Waiting for a conclusion from the police Is it expected to be caused by a short circuit? It might be possible, really I didn’t even know about it. Because the scene at the house had not yet called He was extinguishing the fire, the incident was in chaos. My friend is a policeman called to tell the manager. Then the manager called to tell So I know about When I called the house, he said the lights had gone out. Everyone is alright That’s it. I’m busy. We came to know the story when the situation was resolved. “

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The damage done? “It’s a lot. There is a zone where the factory is burned. I saw the picture, I was still shocked that the lights looked a lot. Everyone who lives in Chiang Mai, some friends send pictures to direct message. Saw the smoke overflowing On the road in front of the house, 3-4 fire engines were damaged, but I didn’t ask Grandma what the damage was. But a lot The roof is completely gone. Storage room on the second floor as well Downstairs he went to the fire with water sprinklers. The ground floor was wet with water and damaged items. The storage room contains both unused and stocked items, too. There are many things in it. The room was completely burned out. “

The fire did not spread to the private house, right? “Haven’t entered the house yet Well, the house and the factory were close to each other, it was good that the fire did not spread to the next door as well, like a fireman, he also sprayed from the side of the house next to it and did not spread anywhere In the evening talking to everyone at home is safe. Nobody is what The waste is so broken I’ll do a new one, create a new update “

When you first hear the news from home? “I was shocked. P’Koi, the personal manager, called and said A friend who is a policeman called and told the house on the fire to call this friend’s number immediately. At first I still thought it was true or not. Immediately called back A friend then explained the situation to him. Ploy asked if Grandma was or not. Who is what When he said that no one was anything, he was lucky to go to Chiang Mai home with his uncle and grandma and another uncle’s family. Grandma is now 89 years old, but very strong. Grandma still brought grape juice to the staff. “

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“When we know we are very worried about Grandma. Grandma will run over or not? Who was burned and burnt? At home a lot There are things that are already easily burnt. Afraid to run away in time Seeing the picture, we were shocked because it looked very grand and magnificent. The black smoke was so big, very large. And our house is in the middle of Chiang Mai city In the old city zone Usually there was no fire there. He will be scared a lot. Like Nong Richie, the house is close to each other. How was Richie calling you? What happened? Richie said that there was no fire in our neighborhood. Since I was young, there was no fire at all. “

“Everyone was shocked, I didn’t think this would happen at home. I have been in this house since birth. I didn’t think there would be a fire. It’s the first time it’s been on fire. It was in the old town zone, and around there were all steel shops. One thing is afraid, if it spreads, it will spread across the bar. Because we are a commercial building next to each other, a steel shop zone Selling construction equipment, which is already easily flammable. Fortunately, everything was resolved quickly, not much damage. Fear spread to the house next door Fear of people who can’t escape More afraid of injury Because of us it can be repaired But people are not. Fortunately, no one is injured. “

Friends in the fan club worried, sending a lot of power? “Yes, everyone encouraged At first I thought that I would post to IG or not. But everyone’s calling and thumping So I better post, tell everyone, it’s okay. Thank you everyone for your concern “

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Right now, we’re always in Bangkok, can’t go home in Chiang Mai? “I haven’t returned home since I had COVID. Because he’ll go back to detention And returned to be detained again Afraid of having problems at work So I chose to stay in Bangkok better, but if I don’t have COVID, I usually go back to visit my grandma for 3-4 months. Now, Mom is with Ploy. Three years ago, Grandma was there. When he became bored of Bangkok Went back to Chiang Mai Grandma likes to stay in the garden. Baan Ploy, Chiang Mai, it is a wide area. Do business selling steel Construction steel There will be a zone at the back of the house as a garden. Grandma will like to stay in the garden for a wide area. Come to live with Ploy in Bangkok Was in the condo He wanted to be in nature. In the condo, he is bored. Therefore, Mother has come to live as a friend instead of the Ploy family, her sister and younger brother moved to Bangkok. All work in Bangkok “

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