Plenary sessions: Vila approves a motion to limit the new gambling halls and betting houses | Radio Ibiza | Hour 14 Ibiza

Vila wants to stop the proliferation of bookmakers. The plenary session of the Ibiza Town Council has approved a motion by United We Can in which the Balearic Government is urged to limit the concession of new gambling halls or face-to-face betting houses.

It is requested that a new license be authorized only when there are three definitive cancellations of businesses of this type. Likewise, it is claimed that a minimum distance of 500 linear meters between the face-to-face betting houses and the educational centers. Also that inspection plans are implemented to prevent minors from accessing these premises.

In the plenary session, a new modification of the cleaning contract was also given the green light to improve the posidonia removal service from the four beaches of the municipality with more machinery. Jordi Salewski Councilor for the Environment.

The Popular group has abstained from voting on this point since, according to its spokesman, José Vicente Marí Bosó, a comprehensive modification of the contract is needed to deal with the problem of dirt in the municipality.

On the other hand, the popular ones have denounced “the fiasco”, they say, of the lines of subsidy of freelancers with numbers that do not coincide between the Government and the City council; Therefore, they ask to rescind the agreement with the CAIB, requesting the return of the money contributed and quickly launching a new line of subsidy that does not exclude any self-employed.

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