“Please pray for my father” • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Libyan Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, revealed the developments in the health condition of the former Al-Hilal striker Tariq Al-Taib.

The Libyan Consulate in Istanbul said that Tariq Al-Tayeb’s health condition is stable and there is no cause for concern after initial medical examinations.

The Libyan Consulate in Istanbul did not reveal the nature of Tareq’s illness, but it confirmed that his condition is good, and that it is following up on developments with the medical staff.

The player, Tariq Al-Taeb, entered the intensive care room in a hospital in Turkey, after suffering an emergency health crisis.

Press reports indicated that Tariq Al-Tayeb had a stroke, while other sources denied this news, and that the player’s condition was stable and not a cause for concern.

The repentant’s son announced in a post on his Facebook page, asking for prayers for him, saying: “I pray for my father, Captain Tariq, the repentant, for a speedy recovery after he suddenly fell ill today.”

He added, “I ask you to pray for my father for a speedy recovery, and I wish everyone health and wellness, and he will come back stronger soon, God willing.”

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