Plaza of Taste Nam Kim Dong-joon Eating Bang → Public Relations AI Transformation… Sold out again this time

Plaza of Goodness (Photo = SBS)

Singer and actor Kim Dong-joon boasted of versatility from eating to public relations.

Kim Dong-jun appeared on the SBS entertainment program’Plaza of Goodness’, which aired on the 4th, and started to save the water.

On this day, the protagonist of’Plaza of Goodness’ was Haenam’s bite. Kim Dong-joon showed off high tension by appearing in retro fashion in accordance with the retro concept of Baek Night Restaurant.

Baek Jong-won said, “I’m going to try the laver menu for the first time today. I’ll make water cold soup with laver.” Kim Dong-jun said, “I used to be cold,” and said, “Are you looking at me and following me?”

Kim Dong-joon boasted of his mouth with Baek Jong-won’s new menu Mulkim Naengguk, saying, “You and Kim, Me too. We are Hana Kim.” The next menu was Mulgim Cream Pasta, which will make the spicy taste of Mulkim Naengguk disappear. Kim Dong-jun guessed the identity of the menu and showed off the disciple-like aspect of Baek Jong-won.

The next morning’s breakfast menu was water-gim tempura garakguksu. Kim Dong-jun admired, “I didn’t eat the fried noodles because it was so wet, but this is more delicious because it’s wet.” The protagonist of live shopping was Haenam Mulkim. An hour before the live broadcast, they went to a meeting. Kim Dong-joon showed off his chemistry with Baek Jong-won and made viewers smile.

Live shopping started and Kim Dong-jun naturally transformed into an AI promotion bot. In addition, Kim Dong-jun was immersed in monitoring the live broadcast from the viewer’s point of view, causing laughter. Thanks to Kim Dong-jun’s promotion, 1,000 boxes of gifts were quickly sold out, and the remaining 1,000 boxes were sold out one minute before the end of the broadcast.

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On the other hand, Kim Dong-joon will meet with viewers by taking the role of Pyeon-ri in the SBS new drama’Choseongu Masa’, which will be aired for the first time on the 22nd.

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