PlayStation Plus still worth it? Here’s how much we saved in 2020

When Playstation plus gained popularity almost two generations ago, one of its most talked about benefits was the Instant Game Collection – namely the fact that games were given away every month, included in the subscription, which could be redeemed as if they had been purchased regularly.

This benefit, which once offered titles for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita, now offers two PlayStation 4 games per month and that’s just one of the features of Plus. The subscription, in fact, is mandatory to play online – and we know that we’ll bring it with us to PS5 too.

The Instant Game Collection, then, is it still a spearhead of the PlayStation Plus offering, considering how much attention is drawn each month by the announcement of new free games? Let’s see what the pure numbers tell us.

How much PS Plus games have saved us in 2020

We’ve gathered some stats on the games made available to date, from the beginning of the year to the last month before PS5, to see how much you would have spent if you had purchased PlayStation Plus games, instead of taking them home for free. The figures correspond to the price assigned to games on PlayStation Store.

These statistics emerged:

  • January 2020: 28,98€
  • February 2020: 119,97€
  • March 2020: 79,98€
  • April 2020: 64,98€
  • May 2020: 79,98€
  • June 2020: 94,98€
  • July 2020: 99,98€ (with Erica extra game)
  • August 2020: 44,98€
  • September 2020: 49,98€
  • October 2020: 69,98€

Adding these months together, we therefore learn that until today in 2020 Playstation plus offered to the players 733,79€ of video games. The subscription price is € 59.99 annually or € 24.99 for the quarter.

For comparison, colleagues from Polygon they had calculated that the value of all PlayStation Plus games in 2019 was $ 894.68, so we could be faced with a value in line with that proposed last year.

We also know that on PlayStation 5 will be introduced PlayStation Plus Collection – a library of great PS4 classics included in the subscription and fully backwards compatible – so it remains to be discovered if and how this will affect the traditional Instant Game Collection, or if it will continue to offer two PS4 games per month, strong of confirmed backward compatibility.

If you want to subscribe to PlayStation Plus, we recommend that you take advantage of the prices offered by Instant Gaming.

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