PlayStation 5 – update beta already shows the PS5 and PS4 versions of the games separately •

Updated Control Center, support for 3D audio on TV speakers and more.

Sony has presented the first beta for an update to the PlayStation 5 system for those who are able to test it and among the news is the possibility of testing M.2 SSD expansions to the storage.

The update adds several features to the console and allows testing the use of 3D Audio through the TV speakers. According to Sony, players can measure room acoustics with the DualSense microphone and choose the best setting for the environment in which they play.

In addition, gamers testing this update can now see the PS4 versions of the PS5 separately in the console menu, with each version displaying name and console.

The Control Center can be customized by reordering or hiding control settings and you can even use it to view or send messages to friends, while the new Trophy Tracker lets you access 5 at a time.

Sony even introduced the option to select whether you want to run PS Now games at 720p or 1080p.

If you want, you can try your luck and ask to be selected to enter the test, but registration is only open in a few countries and is very limited.


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