PlayStation 5 surprises with Wi-Fi 6 and SuperSpeed ​​USB •

More advanced than expected.

Of PlayStation 5 has Wi-Fi 6, SuperSpeed ​​USB, and some surprising, advanced technical features.

Sony released a ‘teardown’ video today, explaining all the separate elements of the console in detail.

This shows that the PlayStation 5 has a wireless Wi-Fi 6 antenna, which also supports Bluetooth 5.1. Wi-Fi 6 supports transfer speeds of up to 9.6Gbit / s and allows routers to manage wireless devices more efficiently – essential if multiple devices are using the same Wi-Fi network.



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The USB-C port in the front and the two USB-A (blue) ports in the back also all support SuperSpeed, with speeds up to 10Gbit / s. Sony is therefore ahead of the Series X / S and its Wi-Fi 5 chip, as well as its USB-A ports.

The video also shows the M.2 bay where you can plug in NVVMe PCIe 4.0 drives to expand the storage space of the PS5.

Finally, the PS5 apparently uses liquid metal to cool its chips. That is a big change compared to the thermal paste of many other devices.

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