PlayStation 5 price: – This is how much PlayStation 5 costs in Norway

There was a lot of excitement beforehand about the prices of the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S, respectively.

Microsoft was the first to launch its prices on Series X and Series X, but this week the Norwegian prices for PlayStation 5 also began to appear in several online stores.

PlayStation 5 price, here it is the cheapest

This autumn, both Sony and Microsoft will launch two consoles each. Below you see the different variants and the lowest price we found online as of September 18:

  • Sony PlayStation 5 – 5889, – (Electricity purchase)
  • Sony PlayStation 5 digital edition – 4799, – (Electricity purchase)
  • Xbox Series X – 5499,- (Microsoft)
  • Xbox Series S – 3299,- (Microsoft)

As you can see, there is a difference of around NOK 400 on the top models, even though the US price in dollars is exactly the same ($ 499). $ 499 is equivalent to around 4,500 kroner at today’s exchange rate, but remember that US prices do not include VAT, which varies from state to state.

With 25 percent VAT, it would have been a price of 5,625 kroner in the US, so in fact the most generous Xbox is cheaper in Norway in that sense.

It may soon be a bit of a struggle to be at the top of Prisjakt and Prisguiden closer to launch, but we do not expect very large price changes. There are probably no products that will get big discounts on black friday sales this year.

PlayStation 5 vs digital edition

So there is a little over a thousand notes that separate the two PlayStation 5 editions, and here there is only one difference: Digital edition has exactly the same specifications as its big brother, but comes without an optical drive.

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The digital edition of the PS5 lacks optical drive and is therefore a bit slimmer. Otherwise, the two consoles must be the same. Photo. Sony
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Thus, you can not play games purchased on disc on this variant, and you will not be able to play 4K Blu-Ray movies as you can on the most expensive edition. You will therefore have to buy the games directly from the digital PlayStation store, so if the Norwegian electronics chains are vying to have the lowest price on the latest Fifa game, you must accept the price Sony has set online.

If you already have a PS4 and want to take the games on to the PS5, it will be possible on some titles (Pushsquare has an overview of confirmed games). But note that you can not do it with games you have bought on disc if you go for the PS5 variant without optical drive.

On the Xbox, on the other hand, there are bigger differences between Series X and Series S. Not only is the optical drive missing, but it also has weaker hardware. But it is also significantly more compact in design.

When will PlayStation 5 arrive?

PlayStation 5 will be launched in Norway on November 19, 9 days after the new Xboxes become available. In some countries it is launched a week earlier, ie 12 November, but Norway is in group two.

PlayStation 5 games are getting more expensive

According to it may seem that the games will be more expensive on PlayStation 5 than what we are used to from the four.

Sony has in fact suggested prices of up to € 79.99 for the launch games, which at today’s exchange rates correspond to as much as 858 kroner. Thus, we can suddenly see that the hottest games get price tags of 799, 849 or even 899 kroner, and that is before any deluxe editions and the like.

<img itemprop="image" data-defer="view" title="Spider-man: Miles Morales is one of the launch games for PlayStation 5. Photo: Sony” alt=”Spider-man: Miles Morales er ett av lanseringsspillene til PlayStation 5. Foto: Sony” class=”” srcset=” 640w, 1024w, 1240w” src=”″/>
Spider-man: Miles Morales is one of the launch games for PlayStation 5. Photo: Sony
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However, the new Spider-Man game, Miles Morales, has a price of € 59.99, which is more in line with current prices.

How much does an extra Dualsense controller cost?

According to the PlayStation blog, an extra hand control for PlayStation 5, which is now called DualSense and not DualShock, will cost € 69.99, or quite accurately 750 kroner at today’s exchange rate.

Other accessories include the new Pulse 3D headset, with 3D sound and noise cancellation, for 100 euros, charging station for two controllers for 30 euros and webcam for 60 euros.

An extra DualSense controller and charging station for two will together cost you just over a thousand kroner extra.  Photo: Sony

An extra DualSense controller and charging station for two will together cost you just over a thousand kroner extra. Photo: Sony
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PlayStation 4 games on PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 should be largely backward compatible with PlayStation 4 games, and in an interview with Washington Post PlayStation boss Jim Ryan claimed that 99 percent of the games would be compatible.

The PlayStation Plus subscription is also expanded with the PS Plus Collection, which gives access to 18 of the biggest games from PlayStation 4, such as God of War, Bloodborne, Days Gone and The Last of Us: Remastered. Eurogamer has the full list of games.

It is currently uncertain whether Sony will charge extra for just this, or whether it will be included in the regular PS Plus subscription, which you need to play against others online. In addition, you can expect a couple of free games a month that you can play as long as you are a subscriber, as well as discounts in the online store.

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