PLAYSTATION 5 – Presentation still on schedule & new PlayStation Plus


February is slowly coming to an end and gamers are still waiting for the announcement that Sony is announcing the date for the PlayStation 5 presentation. At the last February 4 investor conference, senior executive vice president and chief financial officer Hiroki Totoki answered some questions – including PlayStation 5.

Revenue for the quarter increased – decreased 20% to JPY 632.1 billion, primarily due to the decline in PS4 hardware and software sales and the negative impact of exchange rates. PS4 hardware has been in its seventh year since launch, and partly because we have announced the next generation PS5 console, unit numbers have decreased compared to the previous year.

Our financial results for this fiscal year are in a phase of adjustment as we move toward the console of the new generation PS5. It is very difficult to really discuss this point in time, but from today we will be presenting the guidelines at a point in time that is comparable to the past. So we won’t change the schedule.

We have to keep increasing the number of PS Plus members. And how can we increase the efficiency of member retention? There are a number of plans and ideas. Now for the future generation. Of course we would like to enlarge the basis for the preparation of the next product generation, but I can only discuss very little about the future generation of the console today. But when the time comes, we’ll announce the new product.

The hope remains that Sony will present its next-gen console in the current financial year (end of March) and the Orders for the PS5 will start in the coming financial year. Unfortunately, only Sony knows when this time will come and they cannot be put under pressure.

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