PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X? We put them together and we have the first conclusions

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PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are equally clunky, and therefore difficult to integrate aesthetically into an RTV set. What’s more – in both cases there are obvious design flaws. But also unique advantages that are definitely worth knowing about.

Let’s start, however, with what you can already see in the photos provided by the manufacturers, i.e. the style. Everyone can see what it is. Being a bit malicious, the Xbox Series X has come out of the ax, while the PlayStation 5 looks a bit like designed by air purifier specialists. And the more futuristic ones.

Paweł Hekman from our sister Polygamy recently writes that he doesn’t like one or the other. I will say this: although Sony equipment is larger in volume, it seems to be easier to place under or next to the TV.

Exactly, setting is the first key word

Because both devices are really big – for a console – in size. And the aggressive appearance of the PS5 also chants in a way I am here. Meanwhile, the Xbox is horizontally over 15 cm high, which means that many TV cabinets, especially those from the era of slim DVD players, simply cannot accommodate it.

By the way: the PS5 case measures approximately 39 x 8 x 26 cm, while the XSX is 30 x 15 x 15 cm. Since we started talking about physical dimensions, the mass of both consoles is similar and amounts to about 4.5 kg. The Sony console is slightly lighter, but due to its wide side panels, the organoleptic impression suggests exactly the opposite.

At first, the Xbox Series X seems to be heavier than its rival, and noticeably so. Either way, no one is going to run around with this equipment, right?

Both devices have obvious disadvantages

Structural, and more precisely material. The white, porous plastic on the sides of the PlayStation 5 is pleasant to the touch and allows you to feel the premium quality, but made of piano plastic, the main part is a different thing. First of all – it works like a dust magnet. Secondly – it could be used as laboratory material during dactyloscopy classes, because it collects fingerprints at an alarming rate.

A material compromise? If so, Microsoft doesn’t recognize it at all, but not in the better direction. The housing of the Xbox Series X is also porous, but nevertheless every touch of it ends up leaving a visible greasy mark. This is all the more annoying as — unlike the PS5 — a dry microfiber cloth does not solve the problem.

It’s a bit bizarre, but for a moment you can even believe that someone here intentionally wanted to collect prints. Well, folks of all countries, I have a topic for you.

Continuing – the PlayStation 5 stand can be unreliable

As is already well known, both the XSX and PS5 can work vertically and horizontally. However, while the Xbox is enough to simply pick up or put it down, depending on the chosen arrangement, the PS5 requires a special stand to be reconfigured, which is necessary in both variants. It is a clever solution, but far from perfect.

Only in the vertical position, the console and the foot are held together by a decent screw. In the horizontal position, there are two rubberized hooks that should be hooked into the grooves in the housing. It happens that when you try to move the structure on the console shelf will leave from the base.

The PS5 wins in terms of connectors

Although both consoles lack optical audio output, it is hard to resist the impression that in PlayStation 5 the issue of the I / O panel has been solved better than the American rival.

The PlayStation 5 offers four USB connectors, one of which is Type-C, plus LAN, HDMI 2.1, a power jack and a Kensington lock. From this set, the Xbox lacks USB-C, which, after all, is becoming more and more useful. Who? For example, to the owners of new iPhones 12, which have such a cable in the set.

Again, the Xbox Series X does not have a USB-C connector. For it, it has a proprietary port for an optional 1 TB SSD, which is priced at 220 euros, so close to 1,000. PLN. And such a disk is necessary to expand the storage space dedicated to XSX games. Meanwhile, in the case of PS5, the standard M.2 NVMe carrier is enough, the slot of which is located under one of the side panels. Plusik flies to the account of the Sony device. A big plus.

Unfortunately, due to signed confidentiality agreements, we cannot run PS5 or XSX all the time. At least in public. However, there will be time for testing the efficiency and responsiveness of systems, work culture and power consumption. If you have any questions – within the framework of legal possibilities – we will be happy to answer in the comments. To be continued.

Addendum: we remind you of our PS5 and XSX unpacking


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