PlayStation 5 launch game Destruction AllStars has been delayed and coming to PS Plus – Gaming – News

Destruction AllStars will not be released with the PlayStation 5, but will not be released until February next year. Sony has announced this. The game is included in the PlayStation Plus subscription for free for the first two months after release.

Sony does not disclose why the game has been postponed. In a blog Sony mentions just the new release period and the fact that the game will be part of PlayStation Plus for two months. Sony says the game will be added to that subscription because it is an online game that should be played with as many people as possible.

Whether players can continue to play the game after those two months is not clear. This is the case with other PlayStation Plus games. Sony makes a number of games available every month and if players claim them, they can play them as long as their subscription is active.

In September, Sony said Destruction AllStars was one of the launch titles for the PlayStation 5. The game would release with the console on November 12 in the United States and November 19 in Europe. The game has one suggested retail price of 80 euros. Players who have placed a preorder will get their money back.

Destruction AllStars was announced in June. It is a Rocket League-style multiplayer game in which players with cars compete against each other. The game is a Sony exclusive and is made by Lucid Games. Many developers who have previously worked on WipEout are affiliated with that studio. Sony says it will show a new trailer of the game next week.

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