PlayStation 5 from the inside. Sony shows “disrupted” equipment

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Recently, Sony allowed a handful of Japanese influencers to play on PlayStation 5 and even smell the console and blow into the controller. Many people, however, expressed disappointment that the company did not present the PS5 interface, and fans could not get a close look at the hardware. Now, however, the Japanese corporation has rehabilitated and has released a video where we see a Sony engineer spinning up the PlayStation 5 and showing the entire interior of the console.

The entire recording takes just over 7 minutes and thanks to it you can learn that to place the console from a horizontal to a vertical position, you need to screw a special stand.


The video is also an opportunity to take a closer look at the design, as well as descriptions of all the ports placed (1x Hi-Speed ​​USB-A, 2x SuperSpeed ​​USB-A, 1x SuperSpeed ​​USB-C, Ethernet port, unspecified HDMI connector). All of this is, of course, an appetizer to the main course of the console’s “guts”.

Sony warns you not to try it at home, and disassembling the console will void the manufacturer’s warranty. The recording shows the full glory of the AMD Ryzen processor in the Zen 2 architecture and the AMD graphics chip based on RDNA2 technology, as well as the impressive size of the fan and giant heat sink.

Foot. Sony

The first Japanese impressions of the console were positive and there were opinions that it works quietly and does not heat up too much. The dimensions of the console and the size of these components can explain this state of affairs.

The video also shows RAM bones (GDDR6, 16 GB), SSD NAND chips with a special controller, as well as thermal paste in the form of “liquid metal”.

PlayStation 5 goes on sale in Poland on November 19, 2020 for PLN 1849 (without drive) and PLN 2299 (with 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray drive).


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