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7. Song Thu Dao – Chart Suchart feat. Mariam B5 – Muzik Move

Listening to this song, imagine yourself going on a trek, setting up a tent and looking at the stars in the middle of nature. At that moment we didn’t want anything. Just lie down and look at the stars like that. A lot of money doesn’t compare to our happiness. who lives in other provinces try spreading a mat in front of the house Lie down and look at the stars while turning on this song to get the same feeling. For those who live in the city, just closing your eyes, listening to music, and using your imagination will help calm your mind.

When listening to songs about the stars, it is recommended that you also play music. sitting and looking at the stars will have a very good feeling But if someone has a bedroom open the curtains and see the sky Try lying in bed, looking at the stars, playing soft music, it should help you have a good night’s sleep.

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1. Pause – star [ Official Music Video ] from Bakery music [ Official ]

2. Cold Wind and Dao Duan – Panadda Ruangwut 【OFFICIAL MV】from GMM GRAMMY OFFICIAL

3. Never, Don’t Miss – Ann Thitima 【OFFICIAL MV】from GMM GRAMMY OFFICIAL

4. To You – Teen 8 Grade A 【MV OFFICIAL】from GMM GRAMMY OFFICIAL

5. Ask for a Star – Briony 【OFFICIAL MV】from GMM GRAMMY OFFICIAL

6. sorry starlet… – Thongchai Bird 【OFFICIAL MV】from GMM GRAMMY OFFICIAL

7. Song Thu Dao – Chart Suchart feat. Mariam B5 – Muzik Move | EP.1 Wan Sing | War Making Song from True4U

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