Playing These Shares Can Fain, A Week Ambles 28%

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – In the midst of the Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) rally of 2.58% or 126.9 points to the level of 5,035,663, these second and third tier stocks fell into the ranks. top loser.

According to RTI data, two of the five stocks that this week entered the top five because they posted the biggest corrections were moving in the trading sector. The remaining shares are in the property, transportation and manufacturing sectors.

PT Karya Bersama Anugerah Tbk (KBAG), which is engaged in the property sector, recorded the biggest correction this week, amounting to 28 percent to Rp 59 per unit share. The effect of the Omnibus Law Cipta Kerja (Ciptaker) does not significantly affect its performance because it does not have an apartment project.

PT Dewata Freight International Tbk (DEAL) shares followed in second place with a correction of 16.8% to Rp 188 per unit, followed by shares of PT Alfa Energi Investama Tbk (FIRE) which fell 15.4% to Rp 264 per share.

DEAL shares were under pressure amid the effects of the pandemic which slowed down transportation activities, as was FIRE’s stock which was also engaged in the trading sector.

This is in line with the Ministry of Finance’s report which states that the sectors most affected by corona are transportation, manufacturing, trade, and accommodation (hotels and restaurants).


[Gambas:Video CNBC]



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