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According to US media reports, during their recent visit to Australia, senior US military officials continued to exaggerate the “space competition” with China and said that Australia’s strategic interests are a great treasure for the United States in the attempt to conquer Australia. However, some experts warn that if Australia is drawn into the competition for global hegemony by the United States, it will face enormous risks.

On December 1, Bloomberg News of the United States wrote a report entitled “Australia is a key asset of the United States in the increasingly fierce strategic space competition with China”, revealing that during the visit of senior US military officials to Australia , they argued with Australian officials about the United States and Australia’s use of space. Cooperation in technology and exaggerated by Australia’s geographical location and research capabilities, Australia is the key to competition space with China.

Screenshot of Bloomberg News report.

Screenshot of Bloomberg News report.

According to the report, Nina Armagno, chief of staff of the US Space Force, said in an interview in Canberra on Dec. 1 that Australia’s geographic location and research capabilities are “likely” for the strategic interests of the two. countries in space defense. at the end of the rainbow.” He said Australia’s position in the Southern Hemisphere is critical to the United States’ “space dominance awareness” capability, the ability to track and monitor all objects, satellites and debris in the low earth orbit.

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