‘Playing’ Kim Tae-ho, Yoo Jae-seok and music, because this combination is always unbeaten

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[엔터미디어=정덕현] MBC Entertainment <What do you do when you play?>Is 2020The end of the year Winter Song Rescue OperationDecorated with. Thus, on the stage prepared with the concept of Jae-seok Yoo’s house, Mr.2of White winterThis resonated, Tak Jae-hoon and Yoo Jae-seok ‘Happy Christmas’, ‘Oh Happy’Called. Next week, not only Kim Bum-soo, but Ailee, Yoon Jong Shin, Lee Moon-se and, surprisingly, John Legend will appear online.

Looking back <What do you do when you play?>Last year 7Month starts 1It has been a solid Saturday evening entertainment for a year and a half.. In fact <Infinite Challenge>After this season 1Kim Tae-ho after years of rest PDAnd Yoo Jae-seok again <What do you do when you play?>When I came back to the program called, there was a lot of anticipation and concern.. Actually the first attempt Relay cameraWas too experimental, so the popular response was not great..

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But <What do you do when you play?>The thing that took place 4Appeared from the episode U flashWas through. Yoo Jae-seok, who challenges the drum beat, got a book called Yugo Star., Since various The world of bukkaeOpened. But what stands out <What do you do when you play?>It is a fact that most of the projects the company has been doing mainly were items related to music..

Not only the Yugo star who challenged the drum beat,, Yoo Seul Yoo depicts the challenge of a new trot singer, Music is from Eurpheus, who played the harp challenge, to the spring-three project that has grown the program in earnest, and the refund expedition that hit the fall. <What do you do when you play?>Was established as the muse of. As an item that ends this year Winter Song Rescue OperationDid with these music <What do you do when you play?>There is a side that symbolically shows the past.

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By the way <What do you do when you play?>What is the reason why meeting with the subject of music created a clear synergy?. The biggest reason is the power of music itself.. There is nothing as powerful as music as a material for entertainment that can be accessed more comfortably on weekend evenings.. Always producing more than the basic ratings KBS <Enduring classics> That’s why the same program doesn’t lose its power.

By the way <What do you do when you play?>Is the power of music, Taeho Kim PDAnd Yoo Jae-seok <Infinite Challenge> Musical items that I experienced during my days(Song festivals)Added the strengths of. It’s not just singing, it’s creating interesting characters and creating more power in the music because they’re singing.. Here, various characters are drawn around Jae-seok Yoo, a characteristic of this program. The world of bukkaeAnd even differentiated. This allowed the program to fly..

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In addition, these music-related items convinced and supported the purpose by donating profits from additional businesses such as sound sources.. 2020year <What do you do when you play?> The total donation through additional business such as music is 18Billion2cloth3back5In 100,000 won 1Billion2cloth7back6100,000 won is corona19 Disaster relief money, Babsang Community Briquette Donation, Auditorium chairs in Seoul Arts Center, Donated to the meal support project for undernourished children.. Another 17Billion1cloth7100,000 won said he would donate to places in need of help..

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Along with the music,, Grown <What do you do when you play?>Is Winter Song Rescue OperationEnded the year with. In what direction will the evolution and expansion be shown next year?. Whatever it is, I think the subject of music will still become an important centerpiece of this program next year.. Because the more difficult times, the more demanded is music.

Find out the secret of Yoo Jae-seok, who perfectly adapts and changes like a chameleon even when times change, and maintains an unchanging first-person figure.

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