“Playing Foot Ball Against Teams Like Portugal in Luxembourg Can Be Extremely Dangerous”

The coach of Luxembourg, Luc Holtz, expressed disappointment with the defeat (0-6) suffered by his team on Sunday night, against Portugal, in a meeting of the 2nd round of Group J qualifying for the final phase for the European of Germany-2024.

′′ We have many things to amend for the next games. The mistakes of now cannot happen again. Playing with teams at the highest level in Portugal, wanting to play with the ball at your feet is… deadly», said the coach of the Luxembourgers, at the press conference held after the match.

“I am well aware that we have players whose usual style and are used to having the ball at their feet. But what we want is to have the ball in the corridors and try to put it behind the back of the defenders, so that later, maybe we can try to make a difference. We only managed it on one or two occasions in this game with Portugal. But I don’t give up wanting my team to play on the wings, with speed, and in depth», summed up the Luxembourg coach.

′′ This game has to serve as a lesson for the future, we have to analyze the mistakes made. At this point, we have a point [1-1 na Eslováquia, na 1.ª jornada], which is the minimum that equated. But the level at which we played against Portugal has to remain as a learning experience for the future», concluded Luc Holtz

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