Play-off duel ‘Sripatum University’ Won the Chang Golf U Champions Cup for the second time

Thai Beverage Public Company Limited of Chang Drinks, in collaboration with The Jensen, opens the Tertiary Swing Battle, “Chang Golf U-Champions Cup 2022”, the 3rd year, competing in the final round. Excellence in Individual Match Play 3 days in Pattavia Century Golf Club, Chonburi province, 17-19 September 65 This competition is organized to promote golf players to the university level. to have a variety of competitive arena with continuous skill development and strengthen the relationship between the golf teams of each university

The “Chang Golf U-Champions Cup 2022” competes in 4 qualifying rounds and 1 final round, in which the qualifying round is a cumulative 4-course, 36-hole Stroke Play competition and the final, an individual match play. 4 athletes for the team compete for 3 days (3 rounds)

In the final There are 6 universities that have come to play in this round, including 1st team at Sripatum University, 2nd team at Assumption University, 3rd team at National Sports University, 4th team at Kasetsart University, 5th team 1st place, Thammasat University and 6th place, King Mongkut North Bangkok University of Technology where 1st team from Sripatum University and 2nd place from Assumption University (4 qualifying rounds) will stand and wait in 2nd round (semifinals)

In the first round (quarter-finals) there is a competition between 3rd ranked teams at the National Sports University. Meet the 6th team, King Mongkut University of Technology north of Bangkok and 4th team, Kasetsart University Meet the 5th team at Thammasat University, each team can send a list of 4 athletes per team, match match, win 1 point, drawing 0.5 points, without losing points After competing in the first round of the quarter-finals

As a result, in match 1, National Sports University defeated King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok team by 4 points. Match 2 Kasetsart University drew with Thammasat University by 2 points, equal to the play-off decision. From the Kasetsart University team, send the first hand of the team, Krittin Worawat, to duel with Woranittha Chitchainanukul After the playoffs, it appears that Krittin of Kasetsart University beat the team to compete in the semifinals with the par Guide.

In the second round of the semifinals It was a match between the 1st team of Sripatum University and the 4th ranked team of Kasetsart University, which came to play in the second round from Sripatum University, defeating Kasetsart University by 4 points and successfully passed in the final. The other pair is a duel between the 2nd ranked team at Assumption University and the 3rd ranked team at National Sports University. who qualified from the first round, the result showed that they finished with the same 2-point score, this pair had to appeal to the play-offs and judge with a shot Since they can’t eat, from the National Sports University team, send Nattaphon Thamiti dueling with Thanakrit Pankhoksung from the Assumption University play-offs on hole 18, also causing a birdie. must be judged by shooting (by the chip method) of Thanakrit of Assumption University as the first chip Chip fell to the edge of the green on the Nattaphon side of National Sports University. Chip arrived in the middle of the green, forcing the National Sports University team to play in the 3rd round of the finals, meeting the Sripatum University team.

For the third round, the match for 3rd place was a duel between the Assumption University team and Kasetsart University. As a result, Assumption University defeated Kasetsart University by 3 points (3 wins, 1 loss), in which Assumption University athletes consisted of Woramet Phungdecha defeated Techin Saipetch 5 and 4 (won 5 on hole 14 ), Komkrit Mitsaman lost to Krit. Dintin Worawat 2 and 1 (Krittinh Kasetsart University won 2 on hole 17), Thanakrit Phankhoksung won Kantaphon Semsaman 2 above, Kenika Boonprasert won Korkrit Chaopanich 2 and 1 (Win 2 on hole 17)

from the final It was a meeting between the National Sports University team. who broke through the checkpoint to duel with the Sripatum University team, which after the end of the competition the results appeared Impossible to eat each other, draw 2 to 2 points, with the Sripatum University team sending the 4 best players to compete , led by Paramin Intharaksa Chana Thatchapongphat Pongsophon 1 Up, Natthanon Thanurat Thanawat Samngamnoi 2 and 1 (won 2 on hole 17), Asit Areephan lost to Nattapon Thamida 1 up and Phusana Puttchanathip lost to Phitsanu Sirimekau 2. and 1 (Phitsanu Sirimekau 2. and 1) University of Sport won 2 up on hole 17)

Induce both teams to appeal with a play-off on hole 18 of Sripatum University. Send Natthanon Thanurat to duel with Nattaphon Thamid of Sports University after the playoff and Nathanon of Sripatum University. Collect birds, defeat Nattaphon, have fun, win this championship successfully, while the National Sports University team finished second.

The summary of the finals of the “Chang Golf U-Champions Cup 2022” is as follows:

1st place, Sripatum University, receives a scholarship of 80,000 baht

2nd place, National University of Sport Receive a scholarship of 40,000 baht

3rd place, University of the Assumption, receives a scholarship with 20,000 baht

at Kasetsart University 4 Receive a scholarship of 10,000 baht

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