Play “Diablo Immortal”, Need Rp 1.5 Billion to Maximize Characters All – Diablo Immortal is a series game latest mobile online made Blizzard which was launched globally on June 2. Game will visit players in Asia Pacific, including Indonesia, on June 22.

Although it has not been rolled out evenly, however Diablo Immortal attracted the attention of game fans around the world, after an analysis made by the Bellular News YouTube channel which stated that players need funds of around Rp. 1.5 billion to maximize characters.

Out of gameplay interesting that promised, Diablo Immortal as a “pay-to-win” (P2W) game forcing players to spend money to be able to win the game.

Bellular News mentions that in order to maximize the character in Diablo Immortalplayers need funds to reach 110,000 US dollars or around Rp. 1.5 billion.

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This amount is the funds needed to level up and buy Legendary Gems, one of the items with a rarity level (rarity) is the highest that can be obtained in Diablo Immortal.

In addition to successfully collecting as much EXP points as possible and getting the best weapons and armor in the game, players Diablo Immortal will only be declared “passed” when it already has Legendary Gems.

Legendary Gems are rated as the last item the player needs to complete all the achievements currently in the game.

However, Legendary Gems are not an item that can be easily searched, considering that this item can only be obtained through the Legendary Crest.

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Player Diablo Immortal Of course you are familiar with this one item. Legendary Crest is a loot box that can only be accessed by in-game transactions (in-game purchase).

This is of course very difficult to achieve for players who enjoy Diablo Immortal secara gratis (free-to-play/F2P).

What’s more, Legendary Gems cannot be obtained immediately when players buy Legendary Crests, because this box gives random prizes.

That is, there is no guarantee for players to immediately get Legendary Gems from one Legendary Crest.

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Based on their function, Legendary Gems are items that can be used to help players who enter Player versus Player (PvP) mode.

Even players need to spend up to 40,000 US dollars (around IDR 577 million) to upgrade their Legendary Gems 5-Star players to Rank 10. This of course makes the gap between F2P and P2W players even wider.

Took a long time

Besides being rumored to be a P2W game, Diablo Immortal is also considered a game that takes up a lot of time. Bellular News believes it will take 10 years for F2P players to fully equip their character’s needs, given the current state of the game.

However, please note that these conditions may change at any time depending on the decision of Blizzard.

Because changing policies and mechanisms in games is a common thing for game developers to do.

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Collected KompasTekno from Game RantWednesday (8/6/2022), Diablo Immortal is a game free-to-play available on Android, iOS, and PC platforms.

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Diablo Immortal is a Massively Multiplayer Online Action Role-playing (MMOARPG) game that allows players to assume the role of one of the heroes of six different classes.

The six classes in question include Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer, and Wizard.

Equipped with various special fighting abilities, players can use character skills to fight various types of monsters ranging from Skeleton King, Baal, Countess, to Glacial Colossus.

Diablo Immortal also supports multiplayer features that allow players to be able to play together with many users at once.

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