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On October 6, the Ministry of the Interior reported that according to the government’s decision, from October 12, persons entering Latvia will have to fill in electronic questionnaires instead of paper questionnaires as before. They will be available from any smart device and can be found at covidpass.lv. The same information relevant to epidemiological safety will have to be provided electronically as in paper questionnaires. Namely, name, surname, personal identification number, contact telephone number and address of the actual place of residence where the person will be reached in order to check, for example, self-isolation. Also countries where the person has stayed during the last 14 days before arrival in Latvia. In March, when Covid-19 began to spread in Europe, Latvia introduced questionnaires for repatriates, but later in the summer, when the borders were open again, for all immigrants from abroad.

Pļaviņš has published a video on Facebook with an excerpt from the Latvian Television news story. This is continued in the edited video with indications that Panorama omits relevant information and that an authorized employee on the Covidpass platform will be able to create a “digital immunity certificate”. Only people who have immunity – sick or vaccinated – will be able to receive Covidpass, and without it they will not be allowed into public places. “Are you interested in where you wouldn’t be able to enter without Covidpass? Airport, supermarket, stadium, ”said the video. The same is stated on the disinformation website created by Pļaviņš: “From now on, it will be possible to enter places where a lot of people gather – events, airport, stadium, supermarket, etc. only if there is a Covidpass.” It also states that “CovidPass means” compulsory vaccination “. It should be noted that a vaccine against Covid-19 has not yet been developed worldwide.

Re: Check confirmed both these allegations to the Ministry of the Interior (MoI), which is the developer of the system, and to the Center for Disease Prevention and Control. “Such measures have never been and are not discussed on the part of the SPKC,” said its representative Ilze Arāja.

Representative of the Information Center of the Ministry of the Interior Jānis Dreimanis Re: Check said that the name for the Covidpass website was chosen only for the convenience of users – it can be easier for a foreigner to find and remember. He emphasized the need to submit all the same data electronically as in the paper questionnaires. Issuing, collecting and storing paper questionnaires is difficult for passenger carriers, so a more convenient solution has been introduced. After filling in the questionnaire on the website, the person will receive a personalized QR code by e-mail. It only contains a link to the data provided by the individual and will be shown when crossing the border or, for example, to the police, who monitor compliance with self-isolation.

The data indicated in the questionnaire are received by the State Police, the State Border Guard and the SPKC. They will be stored for 30 days and then automatically deleted.

Conclusion: Pļaviņš’s statement regarding the electronic survey of immigrants is not true. There are no plans in Latvia to require an antibody test or vaccination from October 12 and not to allow some people to enter public places.


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