Platonov retains the position of President of the Latvian Swimming Federation

On Wednesday, September 16, in the review-election session of the Latvian Swimming Federation (LPF), the current leader Aivars Platonovs was re-elected President of LPF, informs LPF.

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Aivars Platonovs, who was the only candidate for the position of LPF president, was re-elected unanimously for the next term. In turn, with the support of the majority of LPF members, Zelma Ozoliņa, Aleksejs Leonovs and Ģirts Treiguts, as well as Pāvels Vilcāns, elected for the first time, will continue to perform the duties of the members of the Board.

At the beginning of the LPF review-election session, Platonov presented the achievements of the past period, as well as outlined his vision of the federation’s development and operational priorities for the next four years.

33 out of 50 voting members participated in the LPF review-election session.

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