PlatinumGames Director Apologizes to Everyone for Scalebound’s Mowing Newsblock

One of the most anticipated exclusive titles for Xbox One and PC is Scalebound was, which was unfortunately mowed in January 2017, but PlatinumGames director Hideki Kamiya has now apologized for it.

According to Kamiya, his desire was to make a high-end, photorealistic game. This meant that PlatinumGames had to improve its graphics capabilities as the next step in modern game development. He’s sorry for the players who were looking forward to it, and even more so for Microsoft, who trusted them as a business partner, Kamiya said. Both as a creator and a member of Platinum Games want to apologize to everyone.

Kamiya said she loved fantasy worlds full of swords, magic and dragons as a child. He also played classic PC games like Sorcerian and Hydlide, so that’s where the idea came from that Scalebound focus on a young man fighting with a dragon.

However, this was a big challenge for PlatinumGames, as Kamiya said they worked in an environment they were not used to. They were developed on the Unreal Engine, and they didn’t have the knowledge to make a game based on online features.

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