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At this rate, North America is going to become the favorite refuge of all those European royals who do not want to be so for practical purposes … If in 2018 Princess Magdalena of Sweden moved there with her family because of her husband’s work and last year Prince Harry and Meghan ‘fled’ to California after the Megxit, it seems that soon that same state will have a new royal resident. It is about Princess Marta Luisa of Norway, who has confirmed in an interview with a television in his country that he is seriously considering the idea of ​​moving to the United States.

“Yeah, we might end up there,” he replied when asked about it. She has not set a date for the move, but what is certain is that her three daughters will accompany her, Maud Angelica, who will turn 18 next April 29, Leah Isadora, that celebrates its 15 years in a few days, and Emma Tallulah, of 12. “Right now we are in the middle of the covid pandemic and it is difficult to plan, but yes, we want to move over time. The girls, of course, will go with me. This, however, is not a total break with his country of birth: “We will keep the house in Lommedalen anyway. We must have a home in Norway because we will spend a lot of time here. We cannot leave beautiful Norway completely. ”

Marta Luisa, with her three daughters. (CP)

The daughter of the kings moves and does it for love. According to her own confession, her boyfriend, the American shaman Durek Verrett, He does not feel well treated in Norway and does not want to live there, he prefers to continue doing so in Los Angeles, where he has been living for a long time. Thus they would end once and for all with the distance that separates them and that both of them find it very uphill. In fact, it has been a long time since they have seen each other due to mobility restrictions between countries, specifically since last Christmas.

“He’s in Los Angeles, and now we don’t know when we’ll see each other again.”, said Marta Luisa. Perhaps this change of residence of the princess also has a lot to do with her wedding plans. Durek already confessed in an interview that they wanted to get married soon and that, in addition, he had the blessing of King Harald and Queen Sonia. It has cost him his own to win them, because when his courtship with Prince Haakon’s sister became known, almost no one liked it, not the family, not the friends, not the public opinion.

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This is how Marta Luisa recalled it: “In Norway, our courtship is very, very controversial. I should be with a CEO, a lord or someone like that, high level. Being with a shaman is something extremely unusual. It’s crazy. ” Not only that, as has happened with Meghan Markle after her relationship with Prince Harry, the Norwegian princess labels those who disapprove of her courtship as racists and a while ago she posted this reflection on her Instagram: “Being Durek’s girlfriend has been for me a crash course on how white supremacy comes into play, on my thoughts and actions, conscious or unconscious, towards black people. About how I have taken my rights for granted. I never properly analyzed racism for what it really is, because the current system has been comfortable for me. ”

Marta Luisa and Durek Verrett. (EFE)

Despite all these difficulties, she has always been an atypical royal who has done what she wanted and has not allowed herself to be conditioned by protocol, so she is willing to formalize her business with Durek and live happily away from prejudice. With her next move to the United States, we will also be able to see her rub shoulders with the brightest celebrities of the star system. Her shaman boyfriend has very famous clients like Chris Pine, Selma Blair or Rosario Dawson and is also a close friend of Gwyneth Paltrow, which he refers to as “his soul mate.” A new life awaits Marta Luisa in Los Angeles, still without a date, while in Norway a series about her is premiered that has had her participation and that of her daughters.

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