Planes: Canada to conduct Boeing 737 MAX test flights

Test flights for validation will take place in Canada the week of August 24 in Canadian airspace.


The Canadian Ministry of Transport said on Friday that Canada will carry out test flights of the Boeing 737 MAX, grounded since March 2019, around the world next week, after two close-quarters accidents that killed a total of 346 people.

Transport Canada “should carry out its own test flights for validation in the week of August 24,” a ministry spokesperson told AFP in a statement.

“The flight tests will take place in US airspace,” added the spokesperson, who said that Transport Canada employees will travel to Seattle, Washington. They will also conduct tests on the technical simulator of the Boeing plant in this state bordering Canada.

Many stages

The aircraft recently approached a return to the sky with a series of certification flights at the end of June, but several steps still have to be taken before the aviation authorities grant their authorization, in particular on the training of pilots.

The American agency in charge of aviation, the FAA, unveiled in early August the list of changes it recommends to ensure the safety of the Boeing 737 MAX.

“Transport Canada remains committed to ensuring that flight restrictions in Canada remain in effect until the department is fully satisfied that the manufacturer and the FAA have addressed all safety concerns,” the door said. -speak of the ministry. The latter also said he was attentive to ensuring that “the increased training and procedures that flight crews must follow are in place”.

The 737 MAX has been banned from flight since March 13, 2019 after the crash of an Ethiopian Airlines model that killed 157 people. The tragedy came just months after a Lion Air MAX crashed, claiming the lives of 189 people.


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