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A plane was forced to land because of a passenger in the toilet

A plane with 134 people on board was forced to make an unplanned landing in Austria after a passenger locked himself in the toilet and refused to leave, DPA reported.

The 51-year-old man spent all the time in the toilet and the pilot decided to land the plane on the way from Cyprus to Zurich yesterday in the Austrian city of Graz, police announced today.
The man cooperated with the border guards and left the toilet after the forced landing.

Authorities still do not know what made him stay in the toilet for so long. No dangerous items were found in his luggage and no damage was found in the toilet. During the interrogation, the passenger was silent.

He is said to have continued his journey by train.

According to police, the Airbus A320 managed to take off again 45 minutes later.


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