Plan for corona test street at Eindhoven Airport in the making: ‘Top of the list after Schiphol’

There will most likely be a test street at Eindhoven Airport in the near future. For example, passengers returning from a risk area can be tested for the corona virus quickly. That says Theo Weterings to Omroep Brabant on Thursday evening.

The mayor and chairman of the Central and West Brabant Safety Region said during a live broadcast after the press conference: “Schiphol is certain, but Eindhoven Airport and Rotterdam will probably follow soon. They will be at the top of the list after that. I do not yet have an exact date. but I expect the test line to be there soon. “

Not required
It will not be mandatory for people to be tested at the airport for the time being. This is not legally possible, nor is it obligating travelers to quarantine at home after returning from a high-risk country.

With a test street at the airport, the cabinet wants to lower the threshold for returnees in order to isolate itself when they return home. Testing travelers twice in a short time can reduce quarantine time.

Have it tested
Since this week passengers can already be tested on Eindhoven. It is a commercial test of the companies Ecolog and Pro Health. Everyone can be tested there for 105 euros. The result will be there within four hours. Just like in the rest of the country, the tests on the announced test street of the GGD are free.

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