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The Italian Stefano Domenicali is repeatedly associated with a return to Ferrari, where he was team manager from 2007 to 2014. What the Lamborghini CEO has to say about it.

Of course, the following also applies to Imoles Stefano Domenicali: You can remove it from Ferrari, but it is impossible to remove Ferrari from it. The Italian, who has been with Scuderia since 1991 and directed the fortunes of the world’s oldest GP racing team from 2007 to April 2014, took over the role of Vice President at Audi in November 2014.

Since 2016, Domenicali has worked with a lot of passion as CEO of sports car manufacturer Lamborghini. There are always two rumors about the passionate racer, like a boomerang: First, Domenicali returns to Ferrari; and second, Domenicali leads Lamborghini back to the Formula 1 circuits.

For a new GP adventure from Lamborghini, Stefano is used to standing up. “I’ve been asked dozens of times: ‘When will we see Lamborghini in Formula 1 again?’ Then I have to emphasize that we have different priorities.”

Between 1987 and 1993 Lamborghini was represented as a competitor of Ferrari in Formula 1. The operation was carried out by «Lamborghini Engineering», a subsidiary in Modena, which (of all things!) Was managed by the former Ferrari chief of technology Mauro Forghieri. Lamborghini Engineering worked primarily as an engine supplier for other teams; the Italians used their own chassis in the 1991 season, which was registered under the name Modena Team for the Formula 1 World Championship and remained pointless. Other customer teams were BMS Scuderia Italia, Larrousse, Ligier, Lotus and Minardi.

In late summer 1993, McLaren tested a Lamborghini V12 engine in a modified MP4 / 8B – with the Chrysler label. Ayrton Senna and Mika Häkkinen praised power and power, but team principal Ron Dennis had already set the course for Peugeot for 1994 (which was a hit in the water, but that’s another story). Lamborghini disappeared silently from Formula 1.

Lamborghini CEO Domenicali said today: “Motorsport remains an integral part of Lamborghini’s DNA. Formula 1 is a dream, but it will remain a dream because we have to keep our feet on the ground. We have other priorities than Formula 1. »

And what about the alleged call from Ferrari that came from Maranello several times? Domenicali in the Corriere della Sera: «When it comes to Ferrari, the stories shoot into the grass, that is uncontrollable. I have known John Elkann for years. Of course we talk to each other about key issues in the car world. But my supposed return is gossip without any foundation. »

Domenicali finds words of praise for Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto: «I can see that he is doing a lot of good, as technical director and as team leader. It shows balance and ability. Last year a lot of energy had to be used to deal with the two drivers. Master drivers do not always respect instructions from a racing team, especially when it comes to their own goals. »

«Charles Leclerc shows talent, mental strength, he is under long-term contract. Now all he needs is a competitive car. The rest of the problems are not that important. »

The Ferrari team bosses

Since 2019: Mattia Binotto
2014-2018: Maurizio Arrivabene
2014: Marco Mattiacci
2007-2014: Stefano Domenicali
1993-2007: Jean Todt
1992/1993: Sante Ghedini
1991: Claudio Lombardi
1989-1991: Cesare Fiorio
1978-1988: Marco Piccinini
1977: Robert Nosetto
1976: Daniele Audetto
1976: Guido Rosani
1974/1975: Luca Montezemolo
1973: Sandro Colombo
1971/1972: Peter Schetty
1968-1970: Franco Gozzi
1967: Franco Lini
1962-1966: Eugenio Dragoni
1958-1961: Romolo Tavoni
1957: Mino Amorotti
1956: Eraldo Sculati
1952-1955: Nello Ugolini
1947-1951: Federico Giberti
1935-1940: Nello Ugolini
1934: Federico Giberti
1932/1933: Mario Lolli
1930/1931: Saracco Ferrari



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