PKS asks for IKN transfer to be postponed, alludes to many being forced


Deputy Chairperson of the PKS Faction, Mulyanto emphasized that his party still does not agree with the transfer the nation’s capital (IKN) to Penajam Paser Utara, East Kalimantan. Mulyanto said that there were many things that were forced regarding the relocation of the capital city.

“The implementation of this IKN transfer must legally be postponed until this problem is completely clear. It is impossible for the State Capital to be built on people’s land,” said Mulyanto in his statement, Saturday (29/1/2022).

Mulyanto is of the opinion that the current state capital relocation is not a good thing to do. He then likened moving the capital city to opening a shop in someone else’s stall.

“It’s like wanting to open a shop but the stall still has someone else. It’s not very good,” he said.

Furthermore, this PKS politician assessed that there were many things that were forced from the process of moving the country’s capital city. He suspects that the relocation of the capital city will cause new problems if it is carried out.

“This incident further strengthens the reason PKS rejects the IKN Law. PKS believes that there are many things that are forced. And if this continues, it will cause new problems in the future,” explained Mulyanto.

IKN Nusantara

As is known, the government has officially named the new capital city of Indonesia, namely Nusantara. The name is said to be President Jokowi’s choice.

“I just received direct confirmation and direct orders from the President on Friday. So today is Monday, last Friday, and he said the capital city of this country is Nusantara,” said Head of Bappenas Suharso Monoarfa in a plenary meeting regarding the approval. Law on IKN at the DPR RI building, Tuesday (18/1).

Suharso explained the reason for choosing the name Nusantara because it has been known for a long time and is internationally iconic. In addition, the name easily describes the Republic of Indonesia.

“The reason is that Nusantara has been known for a long time and is iconic internationally, it’s easy and it describes our archipelago, the republic of Indonesia, and I think we all agree with the term Nusantara,” he said.

IKN Bill Approved as Law

Known, the Bill of Laws about The nation’s capital (RUU IKN) has also been approved as law in the plenary meeting of the DPR RI. That way, the relocation of the capital city from Jakarta to East Kalimantan (Kaltim) under the name Nusantara could be carried out.


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