Písařovicová and Brzobohatý caught it, Kuchařová joined them…

Unlike her ex-husband, Taťána Kuchařová speaks openly about the end of their marriage. Ondřej’s alleged infidelity came at a time when she really didn’t expect it. She does not take napkins with her ex-husband, she identified him as a pathological liar and recommended treatment to a psychiatrist.

Therapist help

A few days before last Christmas, photographs of Brzobohatý with a dancer from the theater flew through the Czech boulevard. This was the last point for Tatiana, who trusted her husband and tried to get pregnant with him. The model herself admits that she had to seek the help of a therapist and go abroad to avoid the attention of the general public.

“I don’t think it’s a shame to admit when you visit a therapist. He was definitely not a psychiatrist. Someone else needs me, not me, “the model specified. “I’m not the only one who’s been through a toxic relationship, and thanks to the guidance of a therapist, you can understand a lot. It has helped me terribly to break away from it and understand things that have no logic. I understood that I was healthy and not the other side, “the model leaned on her ex-husband on the show. Showtime.


Shortly before Brzobohatý’s relationship with Daniela Písařovicová broke down, they jointly confirmed the marriage with a church ceremony. The model has now confirmed that the relationship between Ondřej and Daniela was allegedly beginning at that time, which was a huge blow to her waist. “I never burned anything he couldn’t do for himself. After all, one of the many infidelities broke through. “He’s been on the air for Daniel for a long time,” freshly divorced Tatiana said.

“The fact that they moved their relationship to another level soon after we were very fresh after the renewal of the church and we were working on the family at the time is simply a fact and I understand that they do not intend to comment on it. As I say, their karma, their happiness. I let those things flow and maybe in time it will show how it is, “he says with a clear head.

However, he is going to make a definitive end to his relationship with the musician. “I am a believer and I think it adds up to all of us upstairs. For me, the final point will be the annulment of the church union. It was a big test of my life and maybe I’ll thank him for it one day. But it didn’t have to be the way it was, “she said at the end.

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