Pirlo | A draw against Roma is a step back, and there are things that need more matches to play!

The Juventus coach said:Andrea PirloHis dissatisfaction with a 2-2 draw against “Roma” in the climax of the second round of the Italian League, which was held this evening, Sunday, at the Olympico Stadium.

Pirlo described the performance of his team during the Roma confrontation as a “step backward,” stressing that there are things and positions that cannot be implemented in training but rather need more matches.

Pirlo’s comments came after a match RomeAs follows: “We faced two completely different teams this season, so I knew that our style would be different from the style of facing Sampdoria.”

He added, “It was a step back in terms of performance, but the work is still continuing and we have not had the opportunity to play friendly matches before the season to test some things.”

He continued: “We got a point at the end, as we scored a goal and then Rabiot was sent off to become 10 players and we managed to reach the goal and score another goal.”

He continued: “We wanted to make the most of individual situations, because we knew that Roma would attack, but it did not go as we had hoped. It was difficult against an organized team. ”

And he added: “We tried to maintain the cohesion of the midfield because the spaces were not available to Rome. We failed to implement that at times, but we have to test all these positions during the match, since we did not have friendly matches before the season.”

Things that need more matches to execute

Regarding the midfielders, Pirlo said: “Bentancur, Arthur and Rabeot all have characteristics that two of them can play in the middle of the field and we have to put them in good shape to give their best.”

He explained: “Unfortunately, the experience of playing situations such as the involvement of Bentancur, Arthur and Rabiot cannot be tested in training, but must be in matches.”

Pirlo said of Arthur: “Arthur needs time to adjust in Italian league And with our own style of football, not to mention he was not quite fit after a long period of inactivity.

He concluded: “We are very happy to have a RonaldoBecause he doesn’t just score goals. He ran more when we played with 10 men and that was a great help to his teammates. “

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