Pique and Shakira celebrate their birthday apart for the first time

The international artist, Shakira, lives a completely different holiday this year, as she celebrates her 46th birthday today, Thursday, February 2, away from her former lover, the famous football star Gerard Pique, who falls on the same birthday as his 36th, for the first time in the 12 years they lived together.

Shakira and Pique split

“Shakira” and “Pique” separated in June 2022 after a 12-year love story, which came amid allegations of treason, as it was reported that Shakira realized that her ex-lover was not faithful when she discovered that a box of strawberry jam had been eaten during her absence.

According to reports, Shakira returned home after a period of travel, and found a box of strawberry jam in their refrigerator, although Pique, Shakira, or even children do not like strawberry jam, which made Shakira conclude that her husband had an affair with a woman, and that a woman Others were at home.

Actress Shakira

Shakira’s career

The famous star “Shakira” enjoys a distinguished artistic career from others, as she initially gained fame from her first album in 1995, and achieved international success through her 2002 song entitled Whenever, Wherever, and her song Hips Don’t Lie in 2006 ranked first in sales. songs.

Shakira and Pique

Also among Shakira’s successful works is her song Waka Waka This Time for Africa, which has received more than 500 million views and has become the seventh most watched video on YouTube.

New song by Shakira

On the other hand, foreign media revealed that international superstar Shakira is ready to release a new song with Colombian singer Karol G on February 2, 2023.

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Actress Shakira

The sites indicated that the song may be directed to Shakira’s former lover, “Pique”, whose birthday falls on February 2.

And the newspaper “Marca” stated that Shakira recorded the song in just two days, while the filming sessions are still ongoing.

The newspaper pointed out that “Carol G” was the one who requested cooperation with the Colombian singer, after she appeared in a shirt bearing phrases from Shakira’s last song, Out Of Your League, in the NBA, between the “Memphis Grizzlies” and “Los Angeles Lakers”.

Shakira’s song was a huge success from the first hours, as it indirectly mocked her former lover and his new lover, Clara Chia.

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