Pippo Inzaghi poisoned by a fan: the technician victim of the ‘hyenas’ joke

In tonight’s episode of ‘Le Iene’ the joke a Pippo Inzaghi. To the technician of the Benevento he was led to believe that he was deliberately intoxicated by the sea bass fisherman eaten by the coach and his girlfriend at the restaurant. The reason is to be found in the footballing faith of the man, a fan of Crotone. Pippo, in the images of the program of Channel 5, is called by the doctor of the Asl which, shortly after, reaches his home. Both Inzaghi and his partner are examined, with the woman who has the worst: in fact, screams come from the bathroom that worry the coach of the Benevento. Then, the couple is taken to the hospital by ambulance. But, having arrived in front of the health facility, the former striker of the Milan he has a verbal confrontation with Giovanni, the elusive fisherman and “guilty” of the intoxication. “Get it out of front of me”, orders Pippo. But the fisherman causes: “But yesterday you told me you liked the sea bass, huh.” The discussion goes on until the entrance of the “hyena” Alessandro Of Sarno. In telephone connection with the office, Inzaghi explains: “You are really good at playing jokes, it is the second I am a victim of and I never realized anything. I hope I have pulled a smile in this complicated moment”.


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